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Upon their return to Niger (West Africa) in July of 2012 for a second 4-year assignment, David and Jennifer will be involved in community-based church planting in the capital city of Niamey and will be continuing their work to establish Free Methodist ministry in Niger.

During 2004-2006 Dave and Jenn worked in Niger primarily in teaching roles. They were seconded to SIM (Serving in Mission) an interdenominational mission. Jennifer taught high school English at Sahel Academy, an international mission school run by SIM, while Dave studied French and taught at ESPriT, a bible school in Niamey. While serving their first 4-year term (2007-2011) they worked at learning the local Zarma language, deepened their relationships in their neighbourhood, mentored several ministerial candidates and coached a local congregation into affiliation as the first Free Methodist Church in Niger.

This present assignment (2012-2016) will be focused on the development of a multi-purpose ministry centre, facilitating the birth of a congregation in their home neighbourhood, continued coaching of ministerial candidates and catalyzing new church-plant opportunities.

Dave is an Ordained Minister with the Free Methodist Church and pastored the Caistor Centre Free Methodist Church for 5 years before going to Niger.  Jennifer is a professional high school English teacher, but has recently been set apart as a Commissioned Minister for her ministry assignment in Niger.  Cole (1999) and Ben (2001) will be attending Sahel Academy.



Contact Information
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BP 11419
Niamey, Niger
West Africa
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St. Catharines, Ontario

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