Why Small Churches Get Stuck: Valuing Busyness Over Relationships

Does your weekly schedule looks like this:

  • Sunday included Sunday School, the morning worship service, youth choir in the afternoon, Training Union and the evening worship service.
  • Visitation was on Monday.
  • Various leadership meetings as well as basketball in the gym on Tuesday.
  • Wednesday consisted of RA’s and GA’s (boy’s and girl’s clubs), prayer meeting and choir practice for the adults.
  • Thursdays often included practice for either baseball, softball or basketball, depending on the season. Youth Bible studies happened at someone’s home on Thursday.
  • Friday night was free!
  • Saturdays featured various sporting events for the church throughout the day. There were youth rallies from time to time throughout the year on Saturday evenings, too.

If the answer is yes, you may want to read Dale Sellers “Why Small Churches Get Stuck: Valuing Busyness Over Relationships.