Volume 6 Issue 2

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What About a Healthy Mindset of Chosen Poverty? by Bishop Keith Elford

You Probably Don’t Need It and It Won’t Make You Happy Anyway. . .  Trust Me by Lisa Howden (editorial)

International Child Care Ministries, News by Mark Molczanski (feature)

Trusting God at Open Arms in Tillsonburg by Doug Dawson (feature)

10 Stewardship Issues Every Church Leader Should Consider by Brad Leeper (feature)

Local Church Sends Family to Gateway City by Esther Teal (global ministries)

Finding the Key to Climbing Out of the Hole by Jared Siebert (church development)

God Makes a Way… Even When There’s Too Much Month at the End of the Money by Kim Henderson (leadership development)

Managing Finances in a Turbulent Economy by Joanne Bell (stewardship ministries)