The Free Methodist Church in Canada has partnered with ADVISORS with Purpose, a ministry committed to helping people manage their assets according to their faith and values. This partnership includes all of our local churches and camp ministries, the Free Methodist Foundation, the Lorne Park Foundation and Aldersgate Village.  There is no cost for your church to participate.

Our partnership provides you with the services of Christian planned giving specialists that work for you and help you through a strategic estate planning process. This service is provided at no cost to youthere are never any obligations, it is completely confidential, and the Estate Planners will never sell any product.  We know that the help received from them will further your desire to be found a faithful steward of all that God has entrusted to you.

People in your church can find out more information about this program at


Available FREE Resources to use at your church

  • Generosity Bulletins – great to include as a bulletin insert or social media posts.  These are free for your church to use.  You can find/download them all at :

FMCIC Generosity Bulletins Dropbox Link


  • Quick Guide to Creating a Will /10 Top Reasons You Need A Will (PDF) – Making a Will enables you to plan exactly what will happen to your assets and ensures that they are stewarded well.  This 2-sided (or 2 poster) guide can be used as a mailing insert or posted as information.

FMCIC Creating a Will Guide (PDF)


  • Stewarding Your Stuff (Group Study) – Advisors with Purpose has  created a 4-part study called “Stewarding Your Stuff“. This small group study can be done as a weekly group study or as a one time seminar/event. This is free for your church to use/download.  The following is  a link that includes the PDF version of the book as well as the videos that accompany it. so you can see what it is like. We have been given a print-license for you to be able to print the books yourselves.  However, you can purchase soft-copies of the book from Advisors with Purpose.

    Advisors with Purpose Stewarding Your Stuff Dropbox Link

    In addition to the study, you have the option of inviting  Lorne Jackson, president of Advisors With Purpose,   to join you  via video conference (or live with travel costs covered) for a live  40 minute presentation and Q&A with your group.   This is a great opportunity for your church to have spend time with an expert and ask questions.

  • Advisors with Purpose Free Webinars 2019/2020 –  These webinars are available to anyone and this current list includes What Canadian Snowbirds need to know about their Wills, Strategies for current giving in light o estate planning (giving assets now), It’s not about the money – a conversation about Financial Discipleship, What to do about those RRSPs, Your farm and estate planning (create your farm legacy), and Avoiding conflict in the estate process (things you and your Executor need to know).Pre-registration is required.  The list of upcoming webinars as well as webinar promotional material and registration links can be downloaded at:

PDF List of Advisors with Purpose Webinars 2019/2020

Advisors with Purpose Webinars Promo Link.


  • 30-minute Webinar Video  – ‘Life and Legacy’ –  This webinar was hosted by Lorne Jackson that shares helps us consider the importance Biblical stewardship plays in the legacy we leave behind.  This free video is available to your church and can be downloaded at:

Advisors with Purpose Life and Legacy Webinar Video Link.

  • This Is Series – Printable/Postable Information Sheets – These are great resources that provide a story with actual numbers on how Estate Planning can make a difference.  These are free for your use as bulletin inserts, website information, social media posts.You can download the file here:


  • Thank You Card – As a treasurer, you are required to send out receipts for tax purposes each year.  This is an incredible opportunity to connect with those that faithfully and generously give to your church with a “Thank You” letter/note.  We have samples that we send out that you can use and/or modify for your local church context (or as inspiration to creatively design your own).


  • Short Promotional Videos – We have created a number of videos that your church can use to help promote Planned Giving.  These can be used on Sunday mornings during the service, on a website or on social media. Advisors with Purpose would be happy to work on customizing a video for your specific church.  This is free to you as part of our partnership.  please contact Tanya Prinsep at tprinse[email protected] to customize your own resource.

FMCIC Planned Giving Promotional Videos Dropbox Link


  • Handouts/Postcards – We have created a number of handouts that your church can use to help promote Planned Giving.  These can be made available in your church lobby or periodically use as inserts in your church bulletin. Advisors with Purpose would be happy to work on customizing a handout for your specific church.  This is free to you as part of our partnership.  please contact Tanya Prinsep at [email protected] to customize your own resource.

FMCIC Planned Giving Postcards and Printables Dropbox Link


  • Planned Giving Seminars – If your church would like a Stewardship visit to present a message and/or live seminar, please contact Sandy Crozier at [email protected]  This is also free as part of your CORE giving at work.


If you have any questions or difficulties downloading these resources – or would like to customize your own material – please contact us.