Exploring relationship with Jesus – I’m a seeker This describes someone who in the course of their spiritual journey has entered into some dimension of relationship with a Christian congregation. They ‘get’ the God stuff, but are wondering about everything else, including Jesus as The Way and whether Christian community is a safe place. At this place of spiritual inquiry what is needed to help a seeker along their journey?
  1. Help developing relationship with Jesus. Someone is needed to come alongside and give an understanding of what a faith commitment might look like; without pressure or presumption, but giving a picture of what it looks like to enter into relationship with Jesus. Use of a tool like “The Bridge” or “True Story” could be helpful at some point.
  2. Compelling worship experiences. Throughout Christian history, the worship of gathered Christians has had a ‘drawing’ factor; it is a public, corporate demonstration of an inward, personal, desire. If God does, in fact, “inhabit the praises of his people” then believers gathered in worship is a means of grace that continues to draw and confirm the seeker.
  3. A feeling of belonging. If a seeker has shown up at some entry-point into your Christian community, they are probably wanting to see a demonstration of “who you people really are.” Being included and welcomed, intentionally, over time, is required. We must enable their ongoing connection with at least one or two other believers who have gifts of encouragement and hospitality.
  4. Help in understanding the Bible better. In the search for meaning and change in their lives through encounter with God, at some point the seeker needs to meet the God of Christian Scriptures. This is the clearest resource for understanding the nature, character and intentions of the Creator God. A guided introduction to basic Christian teachings about Jesus through exploring a Gospel account is an excellent way of initiating seekers into exploring the Bible themselves.
  5. Church leaders who model and reinforce how to grow in Jesus. Seekers are looking around them to see if this Jesus stuff “is really possible” and what it might look like to enter into relationship with Jesus. This need requires a Christian with some maturity to come alongside and model the reality of an authentic Christian life.
Forward Development
  • Don’t hurry the seeker through a simple ‘sinner’s prayer.’ Let them develop a firm understanding of Christian beliefs and attitudes. Let them ‘count the cost’ of following Jesus.
  • Involve them in the life of the Christian community – in whatever is interesting and attractive to them.
  • At some point they need to be called to a faith commitment. We don’t just slide into the kingdom – we decide to take up the cross and follow.
Key attitudes toward the seeker WELCOME among the people of God LISTEN to discern needs, direction Recommended Resources Who is Jesus, Really? This simple 5 session study examines key incidents in the life of Jesus via the Gospel of Luke, with questions for discussion. Following Jesus The Following Jesus studies (5 modules, 5 sessions each) are designed for seekers who have had an introduction to the life of Jesus, in one form or another, and are looking for a broader understanding of the Christian faith. It does not assume that a faith decision has been made. These modules could be used with church attenders who may not have made a faith decision. This series could be seen as a replacement for Saddleback Churches “Bases” or The Alpha Course. Please make sure to read the Leader’s Guide to understand how this differs from some other study materials. FMCiC developed/tested Growing in Christ, The Navigators [Amazon.ca] A 13 session booklet intended for one-on-one, triad or small group settings. 5 sessions deal with Assurance of Salvation, 8 with basic Christian Living. A proven, effective resource for brand new believers. Introduces scripture memory.