Take a Deep Breath and Slow Down

A wise man once said that nothing lasting takes place on the run.  You can’t become more like Jesus in a hurry.  You can’t have a good marriage on the run.  Adam Jeske reminds us of these wise words with his thoughts on evangelism and discipleship this week:

“I don’t think there’s anything inherently wrong with big, fast efforts. But I do think we are really missing the boat if we don’t pay attention to the small, slow things, too.

People who need Jesus are 2,000 years and a huge cultural leap from him. His stories often don’t resonate because of a lack of context. His miracles are too far out. Things done in his name throughout the century are too offensive. And the need for him lies way outside current thinking.

But what if we slowed down with a few people?”

Click here to read Adam Jeske’s “Take a Deep Breath and Slow Down.”

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