Stewardship it’s not just about money, or time, or talent. It’s about surrender. Surrendering ourselves to Christ. Returning our money, our time, and our talent to its rightful owner – God. When we come to believe and understand that all we have – our possessions, money, time, talents – are on loan from God, are gifts from God, we are then ready to use them for His purposes and His glory. When we understand the role of God – He created everything, He owns everything and He is our Provider; and understand that our role is simply to be a faithful steward, then that truth will impact every aspect of our lives. It will impact our work, our leisure time, how and where we use our talents, our family, our friends, our possessions and our generosity.

How Do I Get Out of Debt?

7 steps to become debt free and financially fit

Debt Free

5-week Financial Hope Small Group Material

Applying God’s Principles on money to everyday life

Financial Hope

Where Do I Start?

Downloadable Church and Individual resources.


What Does the Bible Say?

Some of the bestverses discussing money matters, in the right context

Bible Verses

Why Don’t People Give?

How to connect the church budget to your vision and sharing it in a way that people will read - and support!

Narrative Budget

How Do We Do Ministry With No Money?

Helping your church discover and act on the gifts that God has given you

Asset Mapping

How Can We Give?

An online tool that compares new and current Electronic Giving Tools

Giving Tools

Is There Help for our Project?

A database of Canadian Foundations for church community projects

Grant Connect

How Can I Grow?

A simple tool to help people become more strategic, educated givers

Giving Circles

Reading and Resources

Must reads for stewardship learning


How Can We Learn?

Discipleship material on growing in generous living


Celebrating Generosity in our Churches!

Stories of God moving our people in generous living


Debt Free + Financially Fit
Cost:  FREE (Live Seminar or Online Video + Downloadable Resources)
Financial Hope Small Group Facilitator Training
Cost:  FREE (Registration Required)
Church Stewardship
Cost:  FREE (15 Online Videos + Downloadable Resources)
Gain, Save, Give
Cost:  FREE (3 Downloadable Videos + Guides)
Love + Money
Cost:  FREE (10 Videos + Downloadable Resources)
Planned Giving
Cost:  FREE (Online Video + Downloadable Resources)
Planning for Later Life (Retirement)
Cost:  FREE (Online Video)
The Steward Leader
Cost:  FREE (Online Video – Downloadable)
Personal & Church Stewardship Foundational Course
Cost:  $150 (8 Week Online Course + Downloadable Resources)
Gym Financière
Coût:  GRATUIT (Vidéo en ligne + Ressources téléchargeables)
Sortir de la dette
Coût:  GRATUIT (Vidéo en ligne + Ressources téléchargeables)
Indendance de L’Église
Coût:  GRATUIT (15 Vidéos en ligne + Ressources téléchargeables)
L’Intendant Leader
Coût:  GRATUIT (Vidéo en ligne – éléchargeable pour utilisation dans l’église locale)
Redéfinir L’Intendance Généreuse
Coût:  GRATUIT (Vidéo en ligne – Sous-titres en français)
Cours Fondamental sur l'Intendance Personelle et l'Intendance de l'Église
Coût:  $150 (8 semaines de cours en ligne + Ressources téléchargeables)
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