What is a Generosity Checkup?

A Generosity Checkup helps congregations talk about money by looking at congregational giving and culture.  As an important part of church health is to nurture communities of joyful generosity and to help congregations talk about money and giving. Understanding the theology of abundance is crucial in avoiding ‘scarcity/fear’ mode in church culture.


But talking about money in the church is scary!
Actually, a scared silence is worse. Gratitude and trust are foundational for giving. Celebrating God’s generosity is encouraging, and there is always something to be thankful for.

Generosity Theology
Generosity is more than giving what is strictly required or expected for the church budget.  The materials which accompany this generosity assessment teach why Christians are to give in grateful obedience to God’s generous grace and that giving is a spiritual disciple, just like prayer.

See the diagram for a sample overview of the process. It’s customizable and flexible to meet the needs of any congregation.  The Generosity Checkup can be repeated in a year using the original data as a baseline. (The most valuable comparison is when you can compare to where you were and see how your church as developed).

Sermon Option
Sandy can present a number of generous stewardship sermons with great enthusiasm and can gently present what the congregation needs to hear.

Next Steps & Coaching
Together we will plan out the next steps, based on their circumstances. On-going coaching is available and we can recommend resources as applicable including:  How to say thank-you, Narrative Budgeting,
Asset Mapping, Planned Giving, Pre-authorized Giving, Mobile Giving, Online Giving,  Whole-life Generosity, Financial Hope Small GroupQuestions to ask when giving is in decline, etc.

About the Creator of the Generosity Checkup Tool
Lori Guenther Reesor is an expert in understanding Christian giving, and how that giving is shifting.  She combines her passion for fundraising as ministry with years of charity and church experience. Her DMin. research on giving included interviews with Christian donors in five provinces.  Lori is working with The Free Methodist Church in Canada to customize this generosity checkup tool for our use.  Find out more at www.lgreesor.com.

> Click to Download:  Generosity Assessment Flyer

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The Generosity Checkup tool is available through the Stewardship Ministry of The Free Methodist Church in Canada.

Contact [email protected] for details.


Material adapted with permission from Lori Guenther-Reesor | Joyful Fundraising for Churches and Charities www.lgreesor.com