Spring Gathering

Love Led Us Here – A Pilgrimage

Saturday, April 17 @ 12pm EST

All are Welcome to Attend


Typically, we would meet regionally with members of the National Leadership Team travelling across the country to be with you in person, but this year is not typical. This year we will all gather together virtually to begin a pilgrimage. 

pilgrimage [ pil-gruh-mij ], Noun: a journey, especially a long one; a quest made to some sacred place as an act of religious devotion.

Our pilgrimage is to understand and engage in the work of three task forces: Racial Justice & Ethnic Equity, Engaging Women in Leadership, and LGBTQ+. A pilgrimage often leads to a new or deeper understanding of self, others, and God. Our prayer is that you will participate in this journey with those in your local church and networks, with your regional coaches, and with each other.

Members of the Board of Administration will introduce each task force’s team and process. The three task forces:

  • Racial Justice & Ethnic Equity 
  • Engaging Women in Leadership 
  • LGBTQ+ 

We know that each of these topics deserve Godly, robust discussion, but a Zoom meeting with all voting members of conference is not conducive to that kind of engagement, so there is no discussion component to this gathering. There have been and will continue to be opportunities for you to engage with each of these topics and task forces, so that everyone has a voice and an opportunity to learn and pray, and these opportunities will be shared during this gathering.

See you on Saturday, April 17th for Love Led Us Here – A Pilgrimage!