Purpose Statement

This policy provides the process for overseeing short-term missions trips and projects of ABC Church. Short-term missions work can take many forms, but it will always connect back to the mission of the church.

(In this area, include a specific purpose statement for your church or statement of faith. You may also wish to include a paragraph about how your church prioritizes applications and how you define short-term missions programs. For example, anything under two years in duration would be considered short-term missions.)

Project Approval Process

All short-term missions trips of the church must be approved by ___________________ (the church board, the missions committee, the missions pastor) prior to leaving on the trip and before fundraising commences.

A proposal for the short-term missions trip must be submitted to ________________ (the church board, the missions committee, the missions pastor) and must include the following:

  • an overview of the mission as well as the goals and activities to be carried out
  • the project start and end date
  • the location of the project and responsible contact person at project location
  • an evaluation of risk and health & safety considerations
  • the estimated number of participants
  • the required travel documentation and immunizations
  • the estimated total budget for the trip
  • an outline of fundraising plans

Proposals will be considered in the context of the church’s overall short-term missions strategy.


All participants will be required to assist in raising funds for the trip.

All fundraising methods must be approved in advance by ________________ (the church board, church treasurer, missions pastor, administrator) and be coordinated through the trip team leader.

In the event that sufficient funds are not raised, the _______________ (church board, church treasurer, missions pastor, missions committee) will determine whether the trip will proceed.

Participant Requirements

Each person participating in a short-term missions trip must complete an application form which will include:

  • personal and emergency contact information
  • references
  • a list of experience and skills
  • expectations of Short-term Missions Trip Participants
  • physician medical note and background checking consent
  • consent from parents or guardians, if under the age of majority

An interview may also be requested. The ______________________ (team leader, missions pastor, missions committee, board) will approve those who will form part of the short-term missions team, subject to appropriate funding being in place.

A release of liability form, customized for the trip, will be reviewed with and signed by each participant by the missions trip team leader.

Team Training and Orientation

Effective trips require preparation, both spiritually and in practical terms. All team leaders will receive mandatory training. Participants must make every effort to attend all team training and orientation sessions. If a team member is unable to attend all sessions, the missions trip team leader will determine if the team member can be permitted to participate in the project.

Reporting and Debriefing

The missions trip team leader is required to complete a written report to the (board, missions pastor, missions committee) on the missions trip activities within one month of returning home. Log books and receipts to support expenditures must be submitted to the (administrator, treasurer, missions pastor) within two weeks of returning home.

The _______________________(missions trip team leader, missions pastor) will also debrief with each participant as soon as possible after returning home.


  • This sample document is provided as a general guideline to assist CCCC member charities of which The Free Methodist Church in Canada is an active member.  We would encourage local churches to consider the benefits of a CCCC membership.
  • This information does not constitute legal or other professional advice.
  • Appropriate modifications are required to suit the facts applicable to each situation.
  • Where the intent is to use this sample, it should be provided to legal counsel along with appropriate instructions to meet the specific needs and circumstances of the charity.