Their primary role will be to come alongside pastors, boards, and churches to equip and encourage them as they pursue being a healthy church that takes responsibility for their community.  This could work in all sorts of ways – from helping a church use a specific tool (like the Lifeplan) to resourcing/ equipping a board or search team to simply being a sounding board for a pastor who needs a place to talk about a new idea.  The goal is to be able to respond to churches in a more timely manner to get them whatever help they need.

Current Coaches

  • Vern Frudd (BC/Alberta, Northwest-Ontario)
  • Seth Freeman (Saskatchewan/Manitoba)
  • Adrian Collins (Western Ontario)
  • Dennis Ball (Central Ontario)
  • Dan Massey (Eastern Ontario)
  • Philippe Reichenbach (Quebec)

Major Responsibilities

  • Coach
  • Regular Check-ins/ follow-up with pastors
  • Connect
  • Crisis intervention and follow up – as needed.
  • Resource