National Prayer Team Coordinator, Ken Roth talks about the vision and goals of the Prayer Team:

The disciples saw the example and fruitfulness of Jesus’s life and recognized that they needed to learn how to pray and so they asked Him to teach them to pray, that is how to pray and to actually pray. As a movement we are sensing that we need to go much deeper in prayer if we are going to reverse our decline and change our communities and world. The National Prayer Team was formed to help address this need. We are seeking to do this by investing in the pastors and prayer point people of each local church so that they can in turn be a catalyst of prayer in their churches.

We are doing this by:

  • bringing ourselves together as a movement to pray for our movement through our national, Zoom Room prayer meetings,
  • by recommending resources like the video series from our brothers and sisters in the FMC in the US and providing a Prayer Summit the day before General Conference
  • by helping to make our national and regional gatherings prayer saturated,
  • by sending out monthly prayer point updates to inform and inspire leaders to lead in prayer
  • by calling us to 40 days of prayer and fasting for the renewal of the FMCIC
  • by conducting virtual prayer summits to teach about prayer and to pray together about what we are learning
  • by collaborating with others who we can learn from and partner with in prayer
  • by teaching and coaching local churches how to develop various kinds of prayer

So how can you be more involved?

  1. Please start praying about it. It is so easy to talk about prayer, but so hard to do. Would you make time each week to pray for the FMCIC whether it is in your own devotional time, in your prayer meetings, or during your regular worship service times.
  2. Make sure there is someone appointed in your church, whether it is a lay person or pastor, to take the lead in encouraging the growth of the prayer life of your church. We want pastors to lead the way in prayer, but we believe Prayer Point People can help put legs under those ideas.
  3. Begin asking God for ways you can grow the prayer life of your church and don’t be afraid to be creative or even a bit radical. For example, I was just talking to a pastor out West who said that they have just started devoting 15 minutes of corporate prayer in their regular worship services.
  4. Join with the larger body in prayer by attending the national, monthly, Zoom Room prayer meetings. Presently we have 3 groups that meet each month, but I am praying for the day when there will be meetings like this in every region of the country.
  5. Share with us how God is helping you to grow in prayer and the answers to your prayers. We are starting to hear reports of new initiatives and encouraging answers to prayer that inspire us all to grow in this grace.


From across Canada we meet for prayer online the last Wednesday evening of every month. For our French speaking brothers and sisters, we have one in French as well. These meetings are for pastors, prayer point people and anyone that they would like to invite “into the room” to pray. If you would like to be part of these prayer meetings, please let your pastor or Prayer Point Person know and he/she will know how to help you get in the Zoom Room. The FMCIC feels its need for a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon us and we believe that there is power in united and concerted prayer.


  • The prayer point person, in partnership with the pastor, is the National Prayer Team’s connection with each local church to encourage, resource and solicited prayer.
  • Our strategy is to inspire, equip, resource and pray with them so that they can be a catalyst of prayer in their local congregation.
  • They also become an important link with the FMCIC leadership and its vision so that their church can pray into where God is leading the movement. We would like them to be part of our monthly, national Zoom Room Prayer meetings that take place the last Wednesday evening of each month (one in Ontario, one in Quebec and one in the West).
  • We seek to resource them by sending them a monthly Prayer Point Update that give an inspirational devotion on prayer, ideas, testimonies, and resources.
  • We also have brought the churches together to pray for the renewal of the movement during the 40 days leading up to General Conference, ending with a series of virtual Prayer Summits.
  • As a link with the FMCIC we want it to be two-way relationship, so we want to hear of prayer initiatives your church is taking, important prayer requests testimonies of answered prayer so that we can share them with the rest of the FM family of churches (we have a page in the FMCIC website and a group Facebook page).
  • We see them as partnering with the National Prayer Team that is seeking to renew the FMCIC through prayer.