Cliff Fletcher, Bishop

National Leadership
4315 Village Centre Court
Mississauga, ON
L4Z 1S2

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In May 2017, delegates from across Canada elected Rev. Dr. Cliff Fletcher to his first term as the Bishop of The Free Methodist Church in Canada. Cliff has a great sense of where the FMCiC has been; it’s strong history, as well as its positive impact potential in Canada. This view of potential is driven by his desire to see spiritual growth in our movement. He believes that while we can build on our history, we must be open to what God has for the FMCiC both today and into the future.

Cliff Fletcher has nearly 20 years of experience as a lead pastor at various FMC churches and has been in ministry with the FMCIC for nearly 25 years. Cliff holds a Masters of Divinity from Ontario Theological Seminary and a Doctorate of Ministry from Gordon‐Conwell Theological Seminary. Cliff has a strong vision for the FMCiC including well developed initial thoughts and ideas around areas of change and focus. Certainly, the theme of “team” is a key fundamental element in the way Cliff operates and carries out ministry.

Through a focus on discipleship and mentoring, Cliff has been able to facilitate many teachable opportunities and impact many in their Christian and Ministry walks. Cliff is gentle in manner and posture and prayerful in his approach to each situation as he seeks the Holy Spirit for guidance. His experience has helped him develop administrative capabilities, building solid and capable teams around him that have resulted in healthy churches and growth. He has a strong desire to see youth discipled and an increased level of inclusiveness within the FMCiC as we step into an ever changing diverse landscape in Canada. As the role of Bishop is not only a national but international role, Cliff recognizes the challenges that will come with it and is open to them.

His bilingual abilities will help in communication with our French speaking communities. Leveraging the talent that already exists within the FMCiC, Cliff is confident that building a strong team will work towards God‐honouring fulfillment of the mission and vision of the FMCiC.

Cliff and Karlene have two children, Abigail and Greg.

Cliff’s Responsibilities
Vision Casting
Pastors Network System Leadership
National Church Overseer
National Church Administration
International Participation