Pause and Pray for 2018

New Years is one of those times when many of us pause and reflect on what was and look forward to what we hope will be.  It is also a time when many take stock of their lives and determine what changes need to be made as they move into the New Year.  Everyone wants their story to be better moving forward.

Of course, as Christ followers, we want to follow God’s plan for the upcoming year above all.  So as you pause and pray about 2018, here are some questions to prayerfully ask God.  The answers you get will help shape 2018.

  • God, who have you placed me in proximity to so that I can be salt and light in their life? Who are You asking me to love and serve in Your name?  Who would You have me build a relationship with for Your Kingdom sake?
    Of course as you pray about this or any of these other areas, you will need to be prepared to act in obedience.  So you may also want to pray for the wisdom to know what to do and the courage to do it.
  • God, you have called Your family to be disciple makers. How would you have me do that this year?  Who are You asking me to come alongside and help grow in their relationship with You? Who would You have me ask to help me grow in my relationship with You?
    Obedience to the answers will also lead you to pray about and think through how you are going to make time and space for these most important of relationships.
  • Father, what do I need to stop doing so that I am more open and available to what You have for me this year? What needs to change so that I grow and mature, allowing more of my life to be centered around You and Your priorities? Father help me make those changes.
  • Father, what do I need to start doing so that my relationship with You continues to deepen? Help me make those changes as well.
  • Dad, how and where do I need to be serving both inside and outside the church this year? Maybe you are already serving.  I would still pray this so that you can be sure that you are exactly where God wants you to be.

I hope these are helpful.  I know they might be a little scary on the front end.  Taken seriously, these prayers will mean that we might have to change or step out or step up or give something up or start something.  However, just like this past year, we will have a loving heavenly Father in 2018 who will lead us and help us and grow us so that we can do all that He calls us to do.   I am looking forward to what God will do in and through all of us this coming year.  Happy New Year.

Marc McAlister

Leadership Development Director, the Free Methodist Church in Canada.