Paula Moriarity, Canadian ICCM Director, provides update on Haiti

As I spoke to Linda Adams, ICCM Director, last night from Haiti, her heart broke as she saw the devastation in Port-au-Prince from the earthquake that struck more than two weeks ago. Many families have lost their homes and are now living in refugee camps and have scattered throughout the country.  The ten ICCM schools that have been assessed need to be rebuilt because they are not structurally sound. We have confirmed that no children were inside these schools. Today, the team will inspect the other five schools in the most damaged area – downtown.

As the team travels through Port-au-Prince, we will have more information about our ICCM children in the next few weeks. 

Aid has been provided by the FM church in the Dominican Republic; specifically water and food have been driven across the Dominican border.  Although schools have not been reopened, the feeding programs have continued to help children and families with much needed nourishment. 

Please continue to pray for:

  • Protection of the Haitian families living in refugee camps
  • Families who are grieving
  • Survivors from the earthquake that they will see hope
  • Bishop Keith & Grant Sigsworth going into Haiti next week to represent the FMCiC on a strategic planning team

As I have spoken to many pastors and partners, the support for Haiti has been overwhelming and as we join together to pray and support our brothers and sisters in Haiti may they be reminded of God’s promise of hope and His faithfulness.


Short-term emergency relief – needs right now! Our partner World Relief Canada is releasing funds to their people on the ground in Haiti, on our behalf. World Relief is qualified to receive CIDA matching grants, doubling the value of your dollars donated.

Medium to long-term rebuilding – needs in the weeks & months to come! The Bishop’s Famine and Relief Fund is our Free Methodist Church in Canada vehicle for Haiti rebuilding. Donations to FMCiC are not matched by the Canadian government. Keep up to date with info on our national website. Online donations are also possible via the website.

International Child Care Ministries – if you are a sponsor of a child in Haiti, you may want to direct your donations in this area. Paula Moriarity, our ICCM Canada Director is passing on as much information as is available.