What is a Forum?
Forums allow groups of people to communicate via e-mail. By sending e-mail to a special forum address, the e-mail message is automatically sent to all the people who have subscribed to that forum. The Free Methodist Church in Canada’s On-Line E-mail Forum (listserv) uses Internet technology to aid communication within the denomination. This is no substitute for face-to-face personal communication, but it is a fast, cost-effective, efficient, and fun way to share information.

Pastors Listserv

The Free Methodist Church in Canada’s e-mail forum is our primary, front-line communication tool. We are all responsible to read Ministry Centre announcements that are made to us through this means.

In response to a number of requests for guidance on the use of the Listserv, the NLT has developed the following direction.  All ministerial members of the General Conference, all appointed pastors and all ministerial candidates are automatically enrolled on the Pastors’ Listserv. The Listserv is our primary communication link across our movement in Canada.   It is up to us all to protect and properly use this national resource.

As such, we believe that the open forum model we have used since inception allows for the free sharing of information and ideas without “policing” other than the common decency expected of colleagues who are experiencing the grace of God, and likewise have mutual respect for one another and for the leaders they have elected in an open, democratic manner.

Purpose of the Forum is to facilitate

  • Sharing of information and announcements
  • Sharing of significant prayer requests and answers
  • Sharing of thoughts and ideas regarding the practice of ministry
  • Soliciting of thoughts and ideas regarding ministry challenges


The purpose of Listserv is NOT to:

  • Solicit funds for local church projects or ministry teams
  • Disparage individuals or groups with whom you have a difference of opinion
  • Send messages/responses to individuals (e.g. personal expressions of appreciation, congratulations or sympathy etc.)
  • Confidential information should never be shared via the Listserv.

Listserv Tips


Length: Imagine being in an open session at General Conference (all your peers are listening to you). Take the time to express yourself clearly and don’t talk for long. Allow others to interact with your thoughts without disparaging their spirituality or their intellect.


Discussion:There is room for some debate on Listserv, but it is limited since not all topics discussed on the Listserve are of interest to all persons enrolled on the Listserve.  Once a topic gets some momentum, (say 10 replies) it is time to continue the conversation in another forum.


Filters:If you feel you are receiving too many emails via Listserv that you would prefer not to receive you may need to get information on how to set up an email filter.

If all else fails, press “delete”


Note: We will not give subscriber e-mail addresses to anyone.