Children’s Communion Brochure

CHILDREN’S COMMUNION BROCHURE Download pdf Topics included: What is Communion? Why do we have this ritual? What is the purpose of Communion? Ask your parents Should I take Communion? Preparing for Communion? Used in conjunction with the “Children’s Communion Brochure – Leaders Guide”

Membership Covenants

MEMBERSHIP COVENANTS When it comes to Membership Covenants, different parts of the Body of Christ take different approaches.  Some are prescriptive and include a list of specific beliefs and behaviours that they expect from their members.  Others are more principle-based and fashion their counsel around guiding, overarching principles. As a denomination, the Free Methodist Church […]

Discernment-Support & Partnership

Download pdf – Download Word.doc A Model for Discernment:  Should we actively support (or partner with) this para-church or community organization? When Jesus prays for us directly in John 17:21, He asks the Father that we as believers would be one just as the Father is one.  Jesus asks the Father that we, the broader […]

Wesley’s Means of Grace

Wesley’s Means of Grace Download pdf    Download Word.doc Rev. Mary Lee DeWitt is a member of the national Board of Administration, served as a member of the Systems Analysis Task Team (SATT, 2009-2011), and pastors one of the congregations at New Horizons FMC in Sarnia, Ontario. At the 2011 General Conference of The Free Methodist […]