Physician Assisted Suicide

DOWNLOAD FILE – Physician Assisted Suicide Letter and Instructions Dear Colleagues:  I am writing today about a very important issue on behalf of the Study Commission on Doctrine (SCOD).  During the last several months, SCOD has concerned itself with formulating a response from Free Methodists to the recent Supreme Court ruling on physician-assisted suicide.  We […]


Principles to Guide Decision-Making on Surrogacy download [.doc]    [.pdf]We believe that compassion and thoughtfulness are necessary to respond biblically to people who are considering surrogacy as a solution to infertility, and we understand why some would consider such morally complex measures to satisfy their unfulfilled desires to have a child; however, we would encourage people […]

Mental Health

MENTAL HEALTH download [Word doc] [pdf] Definition Mental illness is a medical condition that results from a bio-chemical malfunction in the brain.   Types of Mental Illness Many types of mental illness exist.  The most common are* •    Anxiety Disorders (Generalized Anxiety Disorder, PTSD, OCD, Panic Disorder, Social Anxiety Disorder, Specific Phobias) •    Mood Disorders […]

Sanctification-Saved to the Uttermost

Saved to the Uttermost Rev. Greg Pulham Minister’s Conference, Wesley Acres September 26, 2013 download doc / download pdf / download slides Prayer for Heart Purity This morning, I would like you to join me in praying this prayer that was of great significance to John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist movement, as we […]

Justification – “Clean Slate”

“Clean Slate?” – Romans 5:12-21     Rev. Dale Harris     Ministers Conference, September 25, 2013 download doc  / download pdf Sometimes I wonder if our world has ever been more ready to hear about Justification by Faith than it is today.  Strong words, I realize, but hear me out. Because in 2012, Anne Hathaway starred […]