Board Seminar Videos

A series of videos on how to prepare, conduct and execute a successful local church Board Meeting 1. Intro 2. Agenda  3. Agenda Part II and Pastor’s Report 4. Pastor’s Report Part II 5. Business Arising out of the Minutes and New Business 6. Nominating Committee and Parliamentary Procedure 7. New Board Member Orientation 8. Board […]

Pastor’s Listserv

What is a Forum? Forums allow groups of people to communicate via e-mail. By sending e-mail to a special forum address, the e-mail message is automatically sent to all the people who have subscribed to that forum. The Free Methodist Church in Canada’s On-Line E-mail Forum (listserv) uses Internet technology to aid communication within the […]

Media Kit

Like most organizations, The Free Methodist Church in Canada has a specific logo designated for use in publications and advertising, and on web sites, signage, and specialty items. The logo is part of our identity and is part of our “branding” as a denomination. All of The Free Methodist Church in Canada’s trademarks, logos, web […]