Overview Population: 67,741,401 Evangelical and Pentecostal Christians 0.5% – Annual Growth 3.6%          Mission District Ministry Began: 2000 FM Churches: 3 FM Membership: 80 Ordained Ministers: 1 Ministerial Candidates: 2 Ecclesiastical Oversight: FMWM through Area Director Eric Spangler in partnership with the Pacific Northwest Conference Origins In July 2000, Art and Pat Chutong began […]


Overview Population: 24,332,000 Evangelical and Pentecostal Christians 24.2% – Annual Growth 4.5%            Mission District Ministry Began: 1998 FM Churches: 21 FM Membership: 257 Ordained Ministers: 19 Ministerial Candidates: 11 Origins Charles Tetteh, a Ghanaian, attended Olathe, Kansas, Free Methodist Church, while he furthered his education. While there, his call to serve God through preaching […]


Population: 55,000,000 Christian 95%, African Traditional 2.5%, Muslim 1% (evangelicals 19%) General Conference   Organized Free Methodist Churches: 727 FMC Membership: 146,459 Ordained Ministers: 554 Ministerial Candidates: 229 Bishop: Joshua Luhe’ya W’Elongo   Origins In 1963, 7000 Christians of the Bembe tribe voted to join the Free Methodist Church. The missionary group that had been […]

Sri Lanka

Overview Population:  20,409,000 Evangelical & Pentecostal Christians: 1.2% – Annual Growth 2.3%            Mission District FM Ministry Began: 2003 FM Churches: 25 FM Membership: 1590 Ordained Ministers: 13 Ministerial Candidates: 7 Beginnings Canadian Tamil FM churches began ministry involvement in Sri Lanka in 2003, as a direct response to our Gateway Cities […]


Overview Population: Population: 15,891,000 Evangelical & Pentecostal Christians: 0.1% – Annual Growth 3.7%           FM Ministry Began: 2008 FM Churches: 1 FM Membership: 21 Ordained Ministers: 1 Ministerial Candidates: 1 Beginnings Canadian FM involvement in Niger began in 2005 when Caistor Centre FMC caught the vision of their pastors David and Jennifer Wright for […]


Overview      Population: 15,053,000 Evangelical & Pentecostal Christians: 1.6% – Annual Growth 8.8% General Conference Free Methodist Ministry Began – 1994 Free Methodist Churches – 3 Membership – 563 Ordained Ministers – 1 Ministerial Candidates – 10 Beginnings Rev. Sok Em and his wife, Savy, became Christians while they were living in a refugee camp in […]


Overview Population: 40,862,000 Evangelical & Pentecostal Christians: 48.9% – Annual Growth 3.4%                   General Conference FM Ministry Began: 1994 FM Churches: 187 FM Membership: 4320 Ordained Ministers: 72 72 Ministerial Candidates: 30 Beginnings Pastor Elie Buconyori left his homeland of Burundi for Bible college in Kenya. Following graduation he […]

David and Jennifer Wright – Biography

Element Selection Ministry Support $1,13,300 [Canadian funds] Blog | FRANCOPHONE MINISTRY David and Jennifer Wright have been ministering in the Muslim country of Niger until recently when they returned to Canada for the sake of their boys’ education. In the past year they have lead the Missions Team for the Free Methodist Church in Canada […]

Linda Stryker – Biography

Ministry Support $44,711 [US Funds]   Serving in North America – Liaison to the Democratic Republic of Congo – Ministry to newcomers to North America After more than 20 years of service in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Linda is now based in North America due to health reasons. She continues to serve as […]