Pastoral and Staff Evaluation Instructions The Manual – Chapter 3 Par-335-and-374-5-PASTORAL-EVALUATION Steps for Delegate (full appraisal) Steps for Delegate (informal review) Detailed instructions for delegate Etapes A Suivre par le Delegues Instructions pour des Delegues Performance Appraisal Templates Form 1  Performance Appraisal form template Form 2 Memo to pastor to propose 360 team Form 3 Worksheet […]

Pastoral Development

Once in ministry, we want to help our pastors be as effective as possible. Some of that has to do with ongoing training and development. Through Pastor’s Conference and other means, we hope to provide timely and helpful ministry help. Transitions Pastoral Resources Sabbaticals Counselling (pastor care) Continuing Education Units (CEUs) Performance Appraisals (JDPAS)

Board Seminar Videos

A series of videos on how to prepare, conduct and execute a successful local church Board Meeting 1. Intro 2. Agenda  3. Agenda Part II and Pastor’s Report 4. Pastor’s Report Part II 5. Business Arising out of the Minutes and New Business 6. Nominating Committee and Parliamentary Procedure 7. New Board Member Orientation 8. Board […]

Partnership Course

The Free Methodist Church views all baptized believers as members of the Body of Christ. We also place a value on working together inter-connectedly with those who have a commitment to the values and practices of our particular Christian faith-family. This study material explores what it means to make a ‘covenant‘ or ‘partnership’ commitment with […]

Following Jesus

The Following Jesus studies (5 modules, 5 sessions each) are designed for seekers who have had an introduction to the life of Jesus, in one form or another, and are looking for a broader understanding of the Christian faith. It does not assume that a faith decision has been made. These modules could be used […]