Act of Parliament

An act to incorporate The Free Methodist Church in Canada by the Parliament of Canada was given Royal assent on July 14, 1927 and on July 8, 1959.

The Board of Administration [BOA]

BOA Executive
Gregory Ford (Chair); Harold Gonyou (Vice Chair); Evelyn Lawrence (Secretary);
Chris Pomeroy (Treasurer)
Legend |  Lay = L  | Clergy = C

Church Health Committee
Evelyn Lawrence (L); Matthew Wiley (C)

Church Planting Committee
Darryl Dozlaw (C); Michael Tesema (C); Marc Ngendahayo (L)
Global Ministries
Vern Frudd (C); Rodney Peterson (C); Tamera Goller (L)
Leadership Committee
Tanya Prinsep (L); Greg Ford (L); Paul Millar (C)
Management Committee
Harold Gonyou (L); Ian Isaak (C) ; Chris Pomeroy (L); Jeff Robinson (L)

Ministerial Education, Guidance and Placement Committee [MEGaP]
Joanne Bell (L); Stephen Bond (C); Felix Chow (C); Darrell Dean (L); Mary Lee DeWitt (C); Terry Gibson (C); Roxanne Goodyear (C); Jim Grime (L); Audrey Isaacs (L); Sabrina Jordan (C); Tyler Lane (L); Robert Martel (L); Kelly Pulham (L); Beth Rawn (L); Joan Stonehouse (C); Jason Tripp (C)
Anne Baker (L); Bryan Bosley (L); Marnell Cornish (L); Kristina deVeer (L); Vonda Dozlaw (L); Greg Elford (C); George Fleming (C);  Dan Jansen (C); Jason Johnson (C); Keith Schnell (L); Barry Taylor (C)
Yves Anthonuel (L); Edrice Clermy (C); Albert Haba (L); Chantal Lemaire (L) Jean-Robert Noël (C); Nathan Umazekabiri (C) 

Standing Committees
Nominating Committee
Carl Bull (C); Sheldon Carlson (C); Michael Hogeboom (C); Ken Roth (C); Olwen Sigsworth (L); Chad Vankoughnett (C); Bernard Wood (L); Larry Robinson (L)
Study Commission on Doctrine {SCOD}
Lee Barbour (L); Bishop Keith Elford (C); Dale Harris (C); Beverly Kay (L); Greg Pulham (C); Dustin Schellenberg (C);  David Schuchardt (C); Derek Spink (C); Mary-Elsie Wolfe (C)