National Day for Truth and Reconciliation
September 30, 2021 marks the first National Day for Truth and Reconciliation.










Pastors and Leaders,

Here is the virtual service for September 30th, National Day of Truth and Reconciliation, for your use and participation.

We are calling it: A Sacrament and Liturgy for Truth and Reconciliation. It is up to you how it is used in your ministry context. It can be shared online the day of (similar to a virtual Ash Wednesday Service or Remembrance Day Ceremony), or you can use it in your Sunday worship service that weekend or on any future date. This video includes a short conversation with Jonathan Maracle and then moves through the elements of communion (the runtime will be approximately 37 minutes).

You can download the video from here:

Pasteurs et Leaders,

Voici le service virtuel pour le 30 septembre, Journée nationale de la vérité et de la réconciliation, pour votre utilisation et votre participation.

Nous l’appelons : Un sacrement et une liturgie pour la vérité et la réconciliation. C’est à vous de décider comment l’utiliser dans votre contexte ministériel. Il peut être partagé en ligne le jour même (comme un service virtuel du mercredi des cendres ou une cérémonie du jour du souvenir), ou vous pouvez l’utiliser dans votre service de culte dominical ce week-end ou à une date ultérieure. Cette vidéo comprend une courte conversation avec Jonathan Maracle, puis passe en revue les éléments de la communion (la durée est d’environ 37 minutes).

Vous pouvez télécharger la vidéo à partir d’ici :

About Orange Shirts

The Ministry Centre purchased ‘Every Child Matters’ t-shirts for the Ministry Centre team, and we learned a few things along the way that we felt were important to share if you are considering purchasing an orange shirt. In the wake of the Kamloops Residential School discovery, some companies have rushed to capitalize on the increased awareness among Canadians of this ongoing tragedy. Orange Shirt and Every Child Matters designs have been stolen and resold by those with no connection to Indigenous people or Indigenous organizations. You can read more here:

Originally, we considered making our own shirts but decided against it. Working with an organization would ensure that Indigenous people benefit directly. We felt the need to show support in a spirit of humility and not co-opt the movement.

We are purchasing our shirts from, but we encourage you to research what is available to you locally. Friendship Centres and other Indigenous organizations will often sell orange shirts as well.

In addition to the orange shirts, there are other ‘Every Child Matters’ merchandise available, such as lanyards and even mugs. Due to high shipping costs, we would encourage those who are interested to purchase alongside your congregation or with your network.