Obedience To The Call

I grew up in Spring Arbor, Michigan, where Dad was employed by the Free Methodist university. When I was a teenager, our church experienced an amazing revival of the Holy Spirit that continued for about two years. Not only was I filled with the Holy Spirit, but our entire youth group was forever transformed. God […]

Soul Check

As this pandemic season trudges on, and we contended with February in Canada (my least favourite month – well I love celebrating Valentine’s Day with Karlene, otherwise February is not a happy month), I am appealing to you, to pay attention to your soul-health. I subscribe to Dallas Willard’s holistic view of the soul wherein […]

Hope: Promise and Presence

The Biblical definition of “hope” is essentially related to promise and presence, and because His promises are true and His presence “real” (in the Methodist sense) we can live in confident expectation. Hope, therefore, is the sureness that God is with me and I live in His grace, forgiveness, love, peace, power and strength. Hope […]

We Will Remember

Have you seen COVID-season pictures of major world cities without fog? Beautiful. In Toronto, traffic was down 73%! You can almost hear creation groan in sad expectation of Canadians choosing to return to the old “normal”. What if we actually choose to remember what we are learning in this season? Learn to drive less, consume […]

Something New

I am going to ask a question that may ruffle your feathers, frankly, this question has ruffled mine: “why have some very gifted pastors in the past couple of years transitioned out of healthy churches into church planting? Why have they chosen not to transition into another established church?” To be clear, these pastors did […]

Team Work

Two “study teams” have been launched and will be bringing reports to our General Conference 2020. Included in the “FMCiC 3 Year Ministry Plan” is a description of these two initiatives: “Inspiring Women into Leadership in the FMCIC”: The BOA has formed a high caliber study commission that would create a report to encourage women […]

Accepting Responsibility for your Community

When the Board of Administration discussed this statement as the Free Methodist Church in Canada’s focus for this ministry season, we considered each word carefully… “Accepting” was chosen over “taking” because we understand that God has entrusted us with authority and therefore responsibility for our communities. “Taking” might sound presumptuous. “Accepting” communicates that we, each […]

What to Expect in 2018

For us, the Free Methodist Church family in Canada, to expect anything different from 2017 we would really have to posture ourselves differently, act differently, pray differently, spend differently… otherwise, we should expect pretty much the same outcomes. Our Sunday attendance and membership statistics have been decreasing. In fact, most churches in Canada are experiencing […]

And Now That The Dust Has Settled….

“So how did you feel about General Conference?” I’ve been asked this many times – I’ve asked myself this many times. It is a mixture of feelings: Appreciation (is this a feeling?!) First of all for the Ministry Centre Staff. I mean, I knew that they worked hard, but being a part of some of […]