How are you?

As you read through this issue of the MOSAIC, you will hear personal stories, challenges, and reflections about mental health. defines mental health as, “the state of your psychological and emotional well-being. It is a necessary resource for living a healthy life and a main factor in overall health. It does not mean the […]

The Lasting Value of Church Planting

Church planting has been a thing for almost 2,000 years. The New Testament’s Book of Acts describes the first Christ followers preaching in public areas and gathering together in homes. It was through these first churches that the gospel spread from Jerusalem to the rest of the Roman Empire. None of these church plants still […]

Disciple-making, Disciple-being

“Have you been discipled?” I asked over 100 leaders this question as a part of my thesis project. The questionnaire and interviews involved many more related questions, but I was curious to hear their answers to this question. Most said no, “not like Jesus discipled His disciples.” Why Church, when this is Jesus’ final word […]

The MOSAIC now in digital format

The MOSAIC now in digital format There is something beautiful about traditions, and they are often very hard to let go of – the MOSAIC (formerly the Herald) is one such tradition for Free Methodists who have been involved in this movement. But like most things in life, change is inevitable and most often necessary. […]

What I hope for in 2018

I love how a new calendar year can often feel like a blank canvas.  In 2018, there are several things that I hope we choose to paint on our collective calendar together.  The first item I would like to work together on is deepening our collective understanding of ministry in Canada.  After all, how can […]

New Generosity Tools in 2018!

I am excited to introduce three new stewardship resources that will help cultivate gratitude and generosity in our movement. Whole Life Generosity Videos – These four videos introduce the concept of ‘Whole Life Generosity’ – being generous with all of life, with all we have and with all we are.  Although they could be used […]

Let’s Be Brave for Christ…

Bishop Cliff asked a question on a Sunday morning not too long ago, “What kind of church does Canada need?” The answer followed, “One that accepts responsibility for its community.” Currently, the leadership of The Free Methodist Church in Canada has been undergoing a national LifePlan – a health conversation designed to lead our denomination […]