Choose Me

After a day of false starts and wandering directions trying to write this article… I hear the words ‘Choose Me’ in my mind.  With it my dream from the night before comes flooding back.  In coming alongside a long lost friend who has been given a terminal diagnosis I look into his face and say […]

Breaking Down Barriers

I had a hard time deciding what to write for this issue of the MOSAIC. I had way too many ideas, but I finally decided it would be helpful to review some of the findings in the Women in Leadership Task Force Report. The mandate of this task force, “The Canadian Study Commission on Doctrine”, […]

The Shame ‘n Blame Game

Mental health.  If you pay any attention to the news and social media, you have seen public interest in mental health increase in recent years.  There has been much talk of “de-stigmatizing” mental illness. Stigma is a fancy sounding and rather abstract word.  I prefer the phrase “shame and blame.”  For this article, I’ll create […]

Helpless and Hopeful

Have you ever heard the expression: “He or she doesn’t have a hope”? When someone feels or thinks that way about themselves or a situation, they are in a slow death mode, because without hope we feel that all our efforts are futile, the situation will never change and there is nothing to live for. […]

I Know What You Need … or Do I?

During these strange days, we have been hearing a lot about the church needing to reveal God’s love in real and tangible ways. This isn’t a new thing. God (and others) have been saying this for a very long time. When a need arises or a crisis happens, we are not only reminded of what […]

Missions and Sacrament in Isolation

I was preparing a liturgy for my congregation; words and passages from scripture that would lead them into the sacrament of Bread and Cup.  It’s a very different thing to know if the words you have prepared will invite people to partake, alone, in isolation.  And yet, this is something we do together, this is […]

Hope in the midst of Financial Trauma …

It is an understatement to say we have all been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.   Some more than others. Due to its prolonged nature, COVID-19 has caused social, emotional, physical, mental and even financial trauma to individuals  and churches alike. In a recent Christian Magazine survey, 6 out of 10 have seen a decline in […]

The FMCIC’s First National Prayer Summit

While the pandemic caused the cancellation of General Conference, it did not cause the cancellation of prayer. After our last General Conference, Bishop Cliff and the BOA realized that if our movement was going to reverse the trend of decline we were experiencing, we needed to make prayer a priority and develop ourselves into a […]

We Will Remember

Have you seen COVID-season pictures of major world cities without fog? Beautiful. In Toronto, traffic was down 73%! You can almost hear creation groan in sad expectation of Canadians choosing to return to the old “normal”. What if we actually choose to remember what we are learning in this season? Learn to drive less, consume […]

So…Church Planting…

What can of things can the Leadership Development/ Church Health guy write about church planting?  I guess it could be some of the same old stuff: We need church plants to replace churches that close, so pray for plants and planters. Healthy church plants need healthy established churches to help them – whether it be […]