Worthwhile Investments

I remember my first ICCM Encounter trip in the fall of 2009.  We traveled to Kenya and it was there that God introduced me to many aspects of my role globally and insights into myself.  I was in unchartered territory and outside of a box that I created for myself.  This was my first “missions trip”.  One of the most memorable experiences that I had was in our school located in Kericho.  As our team toured the school and shared introductions with the students, a student in every class was asked to pray for the visitors.  Without hesitation, a young girl named Purity prayed one of the most powerful prayers I had ever had the privilege of experiencing.  She was a prayer warrior – a girl who was only 10 years old!!  I realized that her parents, teachers, Pastor Patrick, ICCM staff and her sponsor had all encouraged, prayed and invested time and resources into Purity and her future.  She was a confident young girl – confidence that undoubtedly came from God!!

As I was growing up in BC, I remember vividly Rev. Bob Lay, Rev. Dave & Jacki Barbour, and Rev. George Fleming taking time out to help identify my gifts and encourage me to serve inside and outside the church.  I am grateful for their guidance and support during my formative years as a teen and young adult.

Sponsoring girls gives them an opportunity to be God inspired leaders, be effective in their communities and be role models in the FMC and in their homes.

Will you partner with ICCM to sponsor girls so they can find their God given potential and shatter glass ceilings?


Paula Moriarity | International Childcare Ministries Director
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