Reflecting the diversity of ministry expression within the Free Methodist Family.

The name, MOSAIC, was chosen to reflect the diversity of ministries found in the Free Methodist Church across Canada. Our methods are no longer uniform, but the sum total of the work that God is doing in our churches portrays an image of God. The body of Christ – the Church – is taking residence amongst the diverse peoples who make up our country, as well as beyond.

The MOSAIC is published four times a year and will be delivered free to your Church (assuming you are in Canada and attend a Free Methodist church). Our desire is to share information about exciting things that God is doing through Canadian Free Methodists in Canada and beyond.

If there are good things going on in your church let us and others know about it!

  •  AUDIENCE: The MOSAIC is written for pastors, church leaders and others interested in the ministry of The Free Methodist Church in Canada

  • WHERE CAN I READ IT?: The MOSAIC is printed four times a year and is sent to your local Free Methodist Church. You can also read back issues of the MOSAIC online

  •  CONTACT: If you have a story that you would like to submit or have any concerns or questions about the MOSAIC please email Lisa Howden