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Ministers Conference Documents

John Vlainic (September 24, October 1) –
“Identifying Life and Ministry That Is Wesleyan” – Download Presentation, Handout, Reflection Questions

Amy Caswell Bratton (September 25, October 2)
“A Vision of Holiness for God’s People”  – Download Presentation, Slides

Bishop Keith Elford (September 25, October 2)
“What theological principles inform the funding of a movement?” – Download Slides, Biblical passages

Dale Harris (September 25)
“Romans 5:12-21 ‘Clean Slate?'” – Download Presentation

Greg Pulham (September 26)
“Saved to the Uttermost” – Download Presentation

Jay Mowchenko (October 2)
“Living Out Justification by Faith” – Download Presentation, Handout

Vern Frudd (October 3)
“The Spirit-Directed Life – Romans 8:1-17” – Download Presentation

Ministers Conference East (September 24-26, 2013)

John Vlainic (Evening, September 24)

Dale Harris (Morning, September 25)

Amy Caswell Bratton (Evening, September 25)

Greg Pullham (Morning, September 26)

Ministers Conference West (October 1-3, 2013)

John Vlainic

Jay Mowchenko

Amy Caswell Bratton

Vern Frudd


As communicators of the unchanging good news about the grace of God shown most clearly in Jesus Christ, we often find ourselves among people who yearn for simplistic answers to far-reaching and previously unimagined questions.

In our own desire to give comfort in an uncomfortable world and/or in our discomfort about things that aren’t the way that they should be, we may be tempted to give less than the whole counsel of God. In the “comfort” scenario, we may dull the edge of truth. Our fear and frustration may cause us to give truth without grace.

Providing people with helpful teaching that isn’t more complicated than necessary requires careful, multi-dimensional reflection. While we need to be as straight-forward (“simple”) as possible, we cannot afford to be “simplistic.”

Wesleyans are committed to The Person who “dwelt among us full of grace and truth”. We come to the task of theology as people with warm hearts and cool heads. In the 2013 lectures and workshops, our underlying question is going to be: “How do Wesleyans do theology?”

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