Wesley Acres [Eastern Region]
September 25-27, 2012

Entheos / Calgary [Western Region]
October 2-4, 2012


What scares you the most at this stage in your ministry?  Is it looking out at the diversity and complexity of your neighbourhood and not knowing where or how to start … or what to stop?  Is it looking within and wondering how to know if you are close to being on the right track in your role as a leader participating in God’s mission?  When a pronouncement is made about what “missional pastors” need to be doing, what do you fight – a desperate impulse to lunge after it or a tired impulse to sigh and dismiss it out of hand?y

Dr. Gary Nelson is going to take us into the Scriptures (especially 1 Thessalonians 1 & 2 ) to explore how a missional leader finds and maintains interior grounding in complex times while faithfully persevering as a joyful, obedient disciple and disciple-maker.  His underlying question is going to be: “Do you understand where you lead from?”


As we experienced at the 2004 Ministers Conferences, Dr. Gary Nelson is an authentically joyful Christian who has done a lot of thinking about what it means to participate as a leader in the mission of God.  He understands the reality of the interior and exterior stresses of missional leadership and knows first hand the navigational challenges of keeping his bearings as a leader of others – on a local church level as a pastor of several different-sized congregations, as General Secretary of Canadian Baptist Ministries and now as the President of Tyndale University College and Seminary.

Gary is a recognized missiologist who understands that ministry complexity in any context can become overwhelming and he is passionate about the importance of nourishing a healthy awareness of God, self and culture. He has authored and presented numerous papers that focus on theological and missiological ecclesiology. His writings include a co-authored book entitled Future Faith Churches: Reconnecting with the Power of the Gospel for the 21st Century (Wood Lake Books, 1997), Borderland Churches: A Congregation’s Introduction to Missional Living (Chalice Press, 2008), and his most recent book entitled Going Global: A Congregation’s Introduction to Mission Beyond Our Borders (Chalice Press, April 2011).


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7:30 am    Breakfast
8:30 am    Worship and biblical reflection
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12 noon    Lunch
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