Post Conference Resources

  • The Inner Life of a Leader | Bishop Keith Elford
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  • Church Multiplication | Doug Griffin
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  • Communion Service | Jared Siebert
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Wesley Acres Retreat Centre/Bloomfield [east] September 28-30, 2010

Entheos/Calgary [west] October 5-7, 2010

About the Ministers Conference
Leadership that is patterned after the character of the Lord Jesus and that focuses on what He is passionate about is the focus of the 2010 Ministers Conference.  Doug Griffin and Cliff Fletcher as pastoral practitioners are teaming up with the NLT to put together a program that is both experiential and instructional.

During the conference, you will experience the tensions of leadership, hear stories of leading through change, have an opportunity to deepen your awareness of conflicting values and assumptions at play within and around you as a leader and share in discussions about the leadership challenge of keeping yourself and your people in tune with what God has in mind.

There will also be some practical teaching on conflict resolution and team building.



1:00 pm    Network meetings

5:30 pm    Dinner

7:00 pm    Session 1: So how is it being a leader?



8:30 am    Worship and biblical reflection

9:30 am    Session 2: Leading toward an outward focus

10:30 am   Break

11:00 am   Session 3: Do I understand the fight I’m having with myself?

12 noon    Lunch

1:00 pm    Network meetings and Recreation

5:30 pm    Dinner

7:00 pm    Session 4: Getting myself and my people ready for whatever God has in mind



8:30 am    Worship and biblical reflection

9:30 am    Session 5: My role in helping these guys to keep working together

10:30 am   Break

11:00 am   Holy Communion

11:30 am   Session 6: “What now?”

12 noon     Lunch