Learning is part of our Free Methodist DNA. We also seek to invest resources strategically and mature those who desire to grow as part of our national church mission. Developing gifted and passionate Christian leaders for ministry in the Free Methodist Church is a priority.


Stephen Bond (C); Steve Cylka(C); Darrell Dean (L); Mary Lee DeWitt (C); Terry Gibson (C); Roxanne Goodyear (C); Audrey Isaacs (L); Sabrina Jordan (C); Carol Kenny (L); Derek Miedema (L); Kelly Pulham (L); Beth Rawn (L); Joan Stonehouse (C); Jason Tripp (C); Jenn Wagar (C); Mark Young (L)

Brenda Babich (L); Marnell Cornish (L); Kristina deVeer (L); Vonda Dozlaw (L); Seth Freeman (C); Beverly Kay (C); Jason Johnson (C); Dyan Mouland(C); Katherine Siebert (L); Barry Taylor (C); Emily Wightman (L)

Edrice Clermy (C); Chantal Lemaire (L); Myrlande Petit-Phar (L); Philippe Reichenbach (C); Nathan Umazekabiri (C); Ghislain Wilson (L)

C = Clergy: L = Lay