One of the core values of the Free Methodist church is learning. We also seek to invest resources strategically and mature those who desire to grow as part of our national church mission.

Developing gifted and passionate Christian leaders for ministry in the Free Methodist Church is a priority. Over the years faithful visionaries have set aside special education funds, providing scholarships for emerging leaders. The Leadership Scholarship Plan makes grants available to students who are pursuing ministry within The Free Methodist Church in Canada. Since 2003 all new students receiving scholarship funds must be recommended for Ministerial Candidacy by their local church board.

Each year dozens of students receive scholarships to study at a number of approved ministry training institutions across the country.

Contact information:

Susan DePlanché
Leadership Development Office

Phone:  289-228-1225 (cell)
or 905-848-2600 ext 405
Fax:  905-848-2603

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What's Got You Thinking?

Marc McAlister wants to know what pastors and leaders from across the Free Methodist Church in Canada are reading, watching, and listening to or participating in, so he can share it with all the FMCiC folks. Chances are good if it's worth your time and attention, then others will be interested too.