For most of us talking about money is difficult. Being a pastor or ministry leader doesn’t make it any easier. In fact, it can sometimes make it more difficult. Many pastors indicate they get more negative feedback when they preach on tithing than on any other subject. Why is that? 

Well, here’s a thought – money has become the greatest competitor to God in our society. We worship money and what it can get us. And as Christians, we aren’t immune to it. So as a spiritual leader, when you voyage into the area of finances, you are hitting people where it hurts. Our natural human reaction is to shy away from topics that are difficult, we’ll deal with them later when our congregation is more spiritually mature.


But what if the greatest barrier to spiritual maturity is how we perceive and deal with money and possessions? There are 2,350 verses in the Bible that speak about finances and material possessions compared to 275 on prayer, 350 on faith and 650 on love. Stewardship is really important to God. It’s foundational to understanding the role God wants for us.


What if you were to move from thinking about stewardship sermons focused on what you want from your people to a focus on what you want for your people. For them, not from them. God doesn’t need our money but we need to give it back to Him. To learn how to build a stewardship culture in your church read “Building A Stewardship Culture In Your Church


The Stewardship Ministry of the FMCIC is here to support you. We want to teach, train, educate, resource you and your congregation. It is our desire to make known to people everywhere the biblical principles of stewardship and to equip them to live as faithful stewards. We want our movement to be a generous people meeting the needs of others in Canada and beyond. Not just because this is what we want, but because this is what Jesus calls us to do.


This is not an easy task. In fact, what we want to accomplish is very counter cultural.


Using Regional Volunteers and Stewardship Coordinators, we want to develop a network of people who are passionate about seeing people released from financial bondage and free to grow in their relationship with Christ