What is a Forum?
Forums allow groups of people to communicate via e-mail. By sending e-mail to a special forum address, the e-mail message is automatically sent to all the people who have subscribed to that forum.

Note: We will not give subscriber e-mail addresses to anyone.

Purpose of “Forum For You”

1. This forum should be God-honouring and Church-related news.


2. Use it for announcements:

  • death notices
  • anniversaries (pictures perhaps)
  • Special events and happenings

3. For prayer requests, and answers to prayer


4. Themes of special interest


5. Remember:

  • If the article is fairly lengthy, send it as an attachment.
  • Respect the opinion of others.
  • Do not despise the past blessings, and rejoice in the present opportunities.




If you are a member of a Free Methodist Church and wish to join the General Listserv, e-mail Philip Kay.


Philip Kay
List Administrator