It’s finally here!

computer-webFMCIC has a new website! It’s been many months in the making and has taken a great deal of time from many people. We chose Joomla! as our content management system and have transitioned all the data from our old website over to this new and improved site.

The road to this new site has been long and rocky at times – but I believe all the bugs have been work out.

Although the website is viewable in any browser [Internet Explorer (IE), Netscape, Safari, etc.] we recommend that you use Mozilla Firefox for the best results. Again, you may choose to use a different browser if you prefer.

The screen resolution should be set to 1024 x 768 pixels, or greater. For those who are not sure how to check this setting go to: Start/Control Panel/Display/Settings/Screen Resolution.

We hope that this will be a better functioning site for everyone.  So go ahead and take a look around . . .

I would like to personally thank Nathan Colquhoun, church planter at theStory in Sarnia and Storyboard Solutions “know-it-all”, for his invaluable assistance and endless patience in helping me create this site. Thanks Nathan – I’d still be moving content if not for your help!

Lisa Howden
Communications Coordinator