God's Grace Channels

God’s Grace Channels

This study curriculum (7 sessions) is designed to introduce some of the basic disciplines and practices of the Christian life that Wesleyans refer to as “the means of grace.” These are disciplines (like prayer and Scripture study) and practices (like active listening and hospitality) that aid Christian growth that encompasses both loving God and loving one’s neighbour. This study should be viewed as supplementary to other disciple-making resources that aid in the development of habitual practices. FMCiC developed/tested

Discovering God’s Grace Channels together

Week one: Christian Discipleship
Week two: Dialogue with God and my neighbour
Week three: Dwelling in the Word
Week four: Opening ourselves to God and others
Week five: Feeding soul and body
Week Six: Sharing words of life
Week Seven: Refocussing our attention


  • The Shape of Discipleship in the Wesleyan Community
  • Means for seeing the fruit of the Spirit developped in our lives
  • Wesley’s “Means of Grace”
  • What is the “Wesleyan Pattern” for prayer and fasting?
  • A Prayer Guide for Fasting