Canadian Global Ministries – Short term Missions


Encounter Madrid Team 2006
We actively encourage local churches to be involved in short Mission Team opportunities in partnership with Free Methodist churches around the world. The Free Methodist Church is present in more than 80 countries, on almost every continent, so there is a very good chance we can find a way to connect you with a ministry in our own international FM family. If your church is already supporting a missionary, our office can help you make connections to talk about a possible Mission Team that could benefit both your church and their ministry.



If you are already thinking about organizing a Mission Team, we have developed a fairly comprehensive  TEAM MANUAL that will help team leaders to organize a Mission Team trip.

We have a desire to send out teams from our Free Methodist churches that are sensitive to the cultural differences you will encounter, as well as understanding appropriate means of “helping rather than hurting” our international brothers and sisters. If your mission team would like to have a one or two day Cross-Cultural Ministry Orientation Workshop, please contact our office.






Some individuals may be interested to serve for a short-term assignment (1 month up to 3 years). Please contact our office about various possibilities.




Each summer we offer the Encounter program which is specifically designed for young adults who are interested in a cross-cultural learning and ministry experience. Encounter programs are organized based on demand, so please contact us at least 6 months in advance of July-August to see what opportunities are available.

Sometimes we are just not able to provide a suitable opportunity with Free Methodist international ministry at a time and in a country of particular interest, that fits individual or church schedules. We, therefore, want to recommend the ministry of Operation Mobilization Canada as an organization that reflects our values.



Two highly recommended books: