Canadian cross-cultural workers with long-term job descriptions. These workers are supported by local churches across Canada.

Longer-term Missionaries

Through a process of local church involvement, cross-cultural experience, and the discernment of a missionary purpose, longer-term missionaries are approved and appointed by the Free Methodist Church in Canada. Long-term missionaries, just as pastors, are required to meet the expectations of the Ministerial Education, Guidance and Placement (MEGAP) Committee for approval and appointment. We believe that the caliber, relevance, and sustainability of our global ministries will be ensured through the training, development, effective deployment, and coaching of competent cross-cultural personnel.

Associate Missionaries

Through a process of local church involvement and discernment, associate missionaries, with ministerial qualifications, are sent out by a group of supporting churches, for a longer-term assignment.

Rev. Sok Em

Sok serves in Cambodia, in partnership with a group of Canadian supporting churches. To see a full profile of his ministry, click here…

Short-term Missionaries

Through a process of local church involvement and discernment of a missionary intention, short-term workers are sent out by their own local church, to accomplish a particular assignment on behalf of their church, or as part of a longer term goal to acquire cross cultural ministry experience.