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Whether you give by cash, cheque, online or goats and chickens for that matter, how and what we give is not as important as the heart we give from.  Giving, in any form, is an act of worship.  It starts from an overflow of a thankful heart for all that God has done and generously flows not out of obligation, but of a love for God. Making the giving process as easy as possible – especially for those not used to giving – is part of how the church grows generous disciples.

“More than ever, our world is driven by technology.  Most churches haven’t stayed up-to-date with the tech their members use in their daily lives – especially when it comes to monetary transactions…. People (especially young people) have become accustomed to paying for things digitally with little to no hassle, and many churches use archaic or even clunky donation processes.”
– eChurch Giving

Adopting online giving is simply another opportunity to encourage generosity and remove obstacles to people’s giving.  This does not mean you do away with the offering envelops and what is already working.  But if you want to encourage generosity in this next generation, we have to look at how people now do life and handle money.  We must make it easy to give. Make it easy to express gratitude. Make their experience in giving as simple and joyful as possible

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Questions To Ask Before Adopting eGiving?

Rarely will one product provide everything you need.  But knowing the answers to these questions will help you decide which product is the best for your application (at the current time).  Use the eGiving comparison chart to determine which product(s) would best work in your situation.  You can download the Detailed Bulletin for each product for more information, pros and cons, and contact information.

  • What equipment/service is available to our church?
  • Is it simple to use and give with?
  • Will it give us the details to provide receipts?
  • What does the installation/setup involve and what does it cost?
  • Do we need internet? What speed? What capacity?
  • Do we need a merchant account?
  • What are the recurring and/or transaction costs?
  • Is there a contract? (month-to-month is always preferred)
  • Does it integrate with my church database?
  • Can you customize/scale the service to your needs?
  • Are you paying for options/services you do not need or cannot use?
  • What kind of support is available?
  • How can we make eGiving integrate with the worship service/experience?