At first glance, a stream may appear to be too small to be of any real significance, but if you look closer, you will see plants and animals living in these ecosystems that are an essential part of the water cycle, flowing into rivers which then refresh and sustain lakes and oceans.

This is the idea behind Giving Streams. Local churches contribute to a stream, so that collectively we can support our church planters and church planting coaches, provide tuition for those pursuing education and credentialing, and grow the reach of the Intercultural Engagement team.

As church boards discuss their annual budgets, we ask that they prayerfully consider a Giving Streams strategy which includes selecting a Giving Stream, determining the amount that will be contributed, and communicating the strategy to the congregation.

The three Giving Streams, church plantingleadership development, and intercultural missions, are essential to realising the Free Methodist Church in Canada’s vision of seeing a healthy church within the reach of all people in Canada and beyond.

Together we can create strong, healthy ministries that refresh and sustain our churches, neighbourhoods, and communities both locally and internationally.

The FMCiC believes in investing strategically investing our resources in those who want to learn and become part of our as part of our mission and movement. This stream supports tuition to those pursuing undergraduate, graduate and doctoral work.

As a movement, planting new churches is vital to our overall health. Just as a forest needs both new and established growth to be viable and healthy, we need new expressions of church within our denomination. This stream supports new ideas, church planters, and church planting coaches.

This stream supports our ongoing involvement in global ministry partnerships and international projects and new involvement with three unreached communities within Canada: Indigenous peoples, Francophones and new immigrants.