Retreat to the Manor

About the Manor

  • Located @ 1493 Wesley Acres Road in Bloomfield, ON
  • Bookings are available from May 15th to October 15th
  • The trailer is equipped with WiFi (requires a rental set-up through KOS)

The Manor has 3 bedrooms (1 master bedroom & 2 bunk bed rooms) and a pull-out couch in the living room (so can hold up to 8 people). There is a full bathroom and kitchen. There is a beautiful covered deck with barbecue and large patio table. There is built in heat & air conditioning.

COST: $100.00 (weekly rate)

The finances help care for the trailer. Please leave cash @ the trailer on the kitchen table. 

For general information & booking inquiries, please contact Lisa

Before Arriving:

  1. Check IN @ 4pm (or later)
  2. Check OUT @ Noon (or earlier)
  3. If you would like Wi-Fi access while @ Wesley Acres, the trailers are equipped with the capability. Simply open a web page on the device you want wifi on and you’ll be redirected to Kingston Online Services where you can order/set up daily, weekend or weekly rental access. NOTE: each device needs to connect separately so if you want to set up more than one device, there is a charge for each device.

*Please maintain these times and schedule accordingly to allow for the mobiles to be set up for the next family and to honor the person who takes care of the homes*

While You’re There:

Wesley Acres has many amenities that can be discovered when visiting their website. Wesley Acres is also located very close to the Sand Banks. In fact, you can rent a canoe and paddle over to some beautiful deserted sand banks (it took my family about 45 minutes to paddle over with 2 adults & 3 kids in the canoe). We’d love to expand this section to share ideas on what to do while @ Wesley Acres so feel free to email me after your stay and let me know what your favourite thing to do was at my email address.

Before Leaving:

  • Close windows
  • Vacuum floors (bedroom closet)
  • Clean kitchen
  • Clean bathroom
  • Put furniture back in place
  • Water plants
  • Household Garbage should be taken to the bins located just past the soccer fields on your way out
  • Report any damages / broken dishes (either leave a note behind or email Lisa)


  • Replenish toilet paper, Kleenex & cleaning supplies
  • Exchange propane tank
  • Leave a gift for the next guests

What to Bring:

Thankfully, the mobile home in which you will be staying throughout the duration of your getaway comes fully equipped for all you camping needs – dishes, fridge, stove, water, beds, microwaves, coffee makers, toasters, etc. Please remember to bring:

  1. Food: If you are planning to eat while at the trailer, you are going to need to bring food. As well, if there is a chance you will be consuming liquids during your stay, those would also be good to bring. (Tap water is potable, but the trailer is also equipped with a water cooler.) If you run out of food, no worries. Bloomfield is a 5 minute and 36 second drive away. Also, there is a No Frills located in the beautiful town of Picton, about 12 minutes away. There is also a restaurant on the campgrounds (Smitty’s Place). PLEASE NOTE: Please refrain from cooking overly greasy foods as the smell can be hard to eliminate from the trailer.
  2. Bedding: The Manor has 1 queen, 1 double (pull out) and 4 twins which are bunk beds. There are duvets at the home trailer, the only thing that you need to bring are sheets, pillow cases and some extra blankets for pull out and twins.
  3. Toiletries: This may be a pivotal factor in your stay at the trailer. You need to know that no toiletry can be found in the trailer. You will need to bring all your personal hygiene necessities with you.
  4. Entertainment: The Manor has a dvd player, but no television stations. Bring you own sporting goods, bikes and games.
  5. Other: Please bring tea towels, dish soap, wash clothes, towels.

*PLEASE DO NOT bring any pets with you and leave the trailer the same way you found it*

Getting to the Manor @ Wesley Acres

It can be reached from Highway 401 by following either Highway 49 to Picton and then Hwy. 33 to Bloomfield, or follow Hwy. 62 or 33 to Bloomfield.

From Bloomfield, follow Wesley Acres Road for 5 km.

From The East:

Travel the 401 and exit at Hwy 49—Marysville Exit 566. Turn Left. Keep on this road. You will travel for about 45 minutes before the actual turn for Wesley Acres. You will pass by Essroc Cement—on the Left side. You will go through Picton. Keep to the right—No turns. You pass through Bloomfield and come to a Mac?s Convenience Store—Turn Left here. The next Left turn is Wesley Acres Road Follow it until you come to a stop sign. The Manor is located at #1493, Wesley Acres Road.

From The West:

Travel the 401 and exit at Trenton—Wooler Rd Exit 522. Right turn onto Wooler Road and head south to Hwy 33. Right turn again. Keep on this road. You will travel through Carrying Place, Consecon, Hillier, Rosehall and Wellington. From Wellington you are about 7-8 minutes from the turn to Wesley Acres. The first right turn as you come into Bloomfield is Wesley Acres Rd. (If you come to a Max Milk and have to make a stop –you’ve gone too far) Follow Wesley Acres Rd until you come to a stop sign. The Manor is located at 1493, Wesley Acres Road.