October 2021 Update

Prayer Points to be Praying About:

1. That churches will know how to respond to the government’s vaccination mandates with a biblical perspective.

2. That God will grant us unity that is found in being of one mind, one love, one spirit and one purpose (Php.2:1,2) as we navigate the turbulent waters of our day.

3. That those of the indigenous community, who know the Lord, will have the wisdom, grace, courage and encouragement they need to be able to share the gospel with their people in these days.

4. That our nation will discern “what is in the ground” that we need to deal with from our past, that we will treat the indigenous peoples with dignity and that we will find ways to be reconciled to them and enjoy God’s peace as a nation, and the FMCIC will know what our part is in helping to bring this about.

5. That we will see opportunities to share the gospel all around us, especially among those new to Canada, those isolated by the COVID restrictions and fears, and our young people who are bombarded with a secular view of life that offers them no hope.

6. The LGBT2S+ discussion and decisions to be made.

7. That we will develop generous hearts towards the poor and share both the love and truth of the gospel with them.