Do we need a missional score card?

From Dan Sheffield’s blog …I continue to hear rumblings about the need for “a new scorecard.” Wanting to get away from the modernist, church-growth, Willow, scorecards, people with a missional orientation are looking for some new markers, some new measures. I wonder, however, if this isn’t still a indication of how well-formed we still are […]

ICCM Farewell Luncheon

Vivian Hyndman retires as Director of International Child Care Ministries (ICCM) after 27 years of service. Marie Dodridge, who has served faithfully for 14 years will also be retiring and Audrey Zandvliet who has worked alongside Vivian for 19 years will be spending time with family and friends. We thank them all for their dedication […]

Foundational Courses – this weekend

A reminder about the upcoming Foundational Courses of The Free Methodist Church in Canada taking place this Spring. These are required courses for those tracking for credentialled ministry in The Free Methodist Church in Canada. Two of these courses, Culture and the Missional Church and Personal and Church Stewardship, are also required Continuing Education Unit […]