Asking the Impossible

I have been absent from my post here in the blogosphere because I was on a 10-day trip to Ghana, West Africa.  This wasn’t a mission trip, although I did attend to some “mission business” (an oxymoron?) while there, carrying out some administrative tasks on behalf of the partnership Barrie Free Methodist Church has with […]

The FreeWay is on the Move

The FreeWay, a church plant in Oshawa, has the slogan, “a safe place for the journey.” The FreeWay literally knows what it means to journey, as the church has made the recent move to rent space at Kedron Public School. This also means transporting the church equipment weekly, tearing down and setting up every Sunday. […]

Nudged to Tell Our Stories

Nudge: v. to prod (someone) lightly, typically with one’s elbow; to urge into action (Miriam-Webster Dictionary) In the vernacular of Sault Ste. Marie Free Methodist Church, the prodding comes from the Holy Spirit. Sometimes it’s not done so “lightly.” “There are two things in my ministry career I’m not good at,” Pastor Marc McAlister confessed, […]

Building a Mission

When I first called Pastor Normand Doucette to ask about his recent mission trip to the Dominican Republic, he had to put the phone down to clean his hands. He was in the process of building cupboard doors for one of his parishioners. “Is this a common thing you do?” I asked. “Yes, it’s one […]

Offering Warmth in Winnipeg

Each Free Methodist church is unique.  Some have large congregations, some small.  Some are located in urban centres, others rural.  We meet in theatres, homes and traditional church buildings.  The make-up of our congregations depends on our location, but also on our efforts to welcome our neighbours to be a part of our church.