How I Changed My Mind about Women in Leadership

Alan F. Johnson, ed., How I Changed My Mind about Women in Leadership: Compelling Stories from Prominent Evangelicals (Zondervan, 2010)Book Review by John Vlainic I recently worked through what strikes me as the best book yet on an issue that still is alive in some parts of North American evangelicalism. My sense is that in […]

A Clergy Guide to End-of-Life Issues

Martha R. Jacobs, A Clergy Guide to End-of-Life Issues (The Pilgrim Press, 2010). A Book Review by John Vlainic This book is intended for local church pastors, with the goal of helping to orient them to some of the basic questions and issues involved in end-of-life care The attached Table of Contents tells you of […]

A Clergy Guide to End-of-Life Issues

Guide pour le clergé sur les questions reliées aux soins donnés aux mourants  Télécharger [pdf] Revue d’un livre par John Vlainic Ce livre est destiné aux pasteurs d’églises locales pour les aider à s’informer sur des questions et situations fondamentales reliées aux soins offerts à la fin de la vie.  La table des matières ci-attachée […]


Defining the Elements of a Methodist Ethos Sanctification: Free Methodist Position Sanctification: Saved to the Uttermost The World through a Wesleyan Lens Seven Steps Toward Free Methodist Renewal The Free Methodist Synthesis Wesley’s Means of Grace

Director of Church Health Job Description

Position Description Position Director, Church Health Department Church Health Location National Ministry Centre, Mississauga Reports to Bishop Date Approved April 28, 2011 Peers Director, Administrative Services Director, Church PlantingDirector, Global and Intercultural MinistriesDirector, Personnel Subordinates Administrative Assistant Position Overview The Director, Church Health is one of five senior positions which, in addition to the Bishop, make […]