Dave Ramsey Video

I found this video on youtube.com and thought it was good. Dave Ramsey heads up an organization specializing in helping people move towards financial peace. He has written several books and has a very popular syndicated radio show in the US. Dave is a christian and his Financial Peace University course material is biblically based. […]

Global Partnership: Ghana

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8vi7jXXxRo{/youtube} About Partnerships: The primary way that Canadian FM churches are involved in cross-cultural ministry is via local church initiatives. That is, vision for mission engagement internationally is rooted in the desire and initiative of local churches; this may include the formation of an ongoing ministry partnership, the support of missionaries sent as an extension of […]

Baby Dedication and Baptism

Listed below is a brief overview of a few of the resources that are available for FM churches. If you have any questions or comments please forward them to the Communications Coordinator. Contact: Lisa Howden Healthy Churches Brochure This brochure is meant to be used in churches to introduce individuals to Free Methodist values and beliefs. […]

How Creative is your Generosity

During this era of economic uncertainty, as believers, we can choose to respond in a number of ways. We can either react like the rest of the world – fear, anxiety, anger, withdrawal or perhaps ignore what is happening and go on with life as usual. Instead I want to challenge you to take some […]

Momentum: From Dave Ramsey

Dave Ramsey has been helping people get on track financially for many years. His organization has developed the “Financial Peace University” tool which can be used by groups to help people get out of debt and get their financial house in order. Dave has recently initiated a church resource designed to help create a culture […]

Missional Community

Check out this short video where Matt Carter, Pastor of Austin Stone Community Church, talks about how they were able to develop missional communities. “When we focused on developing community, we were unable to develop either community or mission, but when we focused on mission we were able to develop both mission and community.” Matt […]