What Would it Take

I just returned home from the Christian Stewardship Association Conference. While I was there listening to many people speak about stewardship and generosity, I got to thinking about what would it take to motivate me to give like the Israelites in Exodus 35 and 36? Finally the craftsmen who were working on the sanctuary left […]

Sharing Your Story

Sharing stories of generosity isn’t easy. For many of us we aren’t sure if we should even talk about our giving and often aren’t comfortable doing so. But stories are powerful in encouraging others. Generous Giving has developed a document to help us figure out how to tell our stories appropriately, ensuring that God is […]

Recovering Financial Freedom

Recovering freedom. That phrase in and of it assumes we were once free and now we are not. When I think about this concept from a financial stewardship point of view, I believe that many of us in Canada would have to look back a long way in our lives to find a time when […]

Generosity: a Way of Life

It was a privilege to participate on the Generosity Study Team as a resource person this past year. In September 2007 the team began to work together wrestling with ideas that would help us, as a movement, continue to develop an ethos of generosity. The team members included: Joe Schaefer – chair, Dave Barbour, Dianne […]

Ghandi’s Seven Deadly Sins

Alan Hirsch posted this on his blog earlier in September. Good food for thought… Mohandas Gandhi, one of the most influential figures in modern social and political activism, considered these traits to be the most spiritually perilous to humanity… Wealth without Work Pleasure without Conscience Science without Humanity Knowledge without Character Politics without Principle Commerce […]

Get To vs. Have To

Have you ever noticed that many Christians view giving as a “have to” activity? I have to give because it says so in the Bible. Have you ever noticed that there are some people who view giving as something they “get to” do? So what is the difference? You’d think that it probably has something […]

Why Aren’t Christians More Generous?

This entry was posted on the Books @ Leadership Network Blog. Passing the Plate, by sociologists Christian Smith, Michael O Emerson and Patricia Snell, is likely to become a landmark book. Oxford University Press is known for high-quality, well-researched books. This 240-page volume, which includes a number of graphs and tables, meets that criteria, but […]

Scrooge Lives!

Christianity Today has a great article on Christians and their giving – or more appropriately, Christians and what they are not giving. Check out this must read article here. The article cites the book Passing the Plate which I mentioned in a blog entry back in September “Why Aren’t Christians More Generous?” I’ve just ordered […]