How Creative is your Generosity

During this era of economic uncertainty, as believers, we can choose to respond in a number of ways. We can either react like the rest of the world – fear, anxiety, anger, withdrawal or perhaps ignore what is happening and go on with life as usual. Instead I want to challenge you to take some […]

Momentum: From Dave Ramsey

Dave Ramsey has been helping people get on track financially for many years. His organization has developed the “Financial Peace University” tool which can be used by groups to help people get out of debt and get their financial house in order. Dave has recently initiated a church resource designed to help create a culture […]

Missional Community

Check out this short video where Matt Carter, Pastor of Austin Stone Community Church, talks about how they were able to develop missional communities. “When we focused on developing community, we were unable to develop either community or mission, but when we focused on mission we were able to develop both mission and community.” Matt […]

What is Generosity

I stumbled upon a website today based at the University of Notre Dame. Christian Smith, a professor and researcher there, received a $5 million grant to conduct research in the area of generosity. The generosity research website may not be too interesting at present given the grant was just given this year, but I expect […]

Giving Ideas – Volunteering and More

The following is from a church secretary who, after reading the Giving Ideas page of the website, sent me in some ideas from her own life. When our church went into financial problems the first thing I did was resign as a “paid secretary” and resumed doing the job as a “volunteer”. This act saved […]

Emotional Generosity

I was searching the internet today for information pertaining to generosity of spirit and came across an article on a blog entitled “Are You Emotionally Generous?” I thought it sounded interesting so I clicked and read it. Though I don’t know the blog or the blogger (Celestine Chua), I did like the article enough to […]

What Would it Take

I just returned home from the Christian Stewardship Association Conference. While I was there listening to many people speak about stewardship and generosity, I got to thinking about what would it take to motivate me to give like the Israelites in Exodus 35 and 36? Finally the craftsmen who were working on the sanctuary left […]

Sharing Your Story

Sharing stories of generosity isn’t easy. For many of us we aren’t sure if we should even talk about our giving and often aren’t comfortable doing so. But stories are powerful in encouraging others. Generous Giving has developed a document to help us figure out how to tell our stories appropriately, ensuring that God is […]