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What Will September Bring?

I am very leery of giving anyone another “to-do” to add to their list, so please don’t read the following in that light.  Consider it an invitation to step into something that might do you some good. It seems like we are getting ready for the next “normal” in the …

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The Return of Summer Camps!

After two years of limited summer camp options, it’s exciting to learn that most of our Free Methodist camps are back for summer 2022! A complete list of camps can be found on the FMCiC website. I spoke with Lanna and Zac Abbott, the new Associate Directors of Ministry Development …

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We Need Some Good News

I could use some good news.  I think we all could. The problem is that it gets tough to find.  Bad news is easy to find, and I get it.  I am as guilty as the next person.  Bad news gets clicks.  It’s what drives conversation.  It’s what stirs things …

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Attention, pas dedans

J’ai récemment participé à un webinaire sur les mesures de santé de l’église locale organisé par un ministère international. L’idée était de jeter un coup d’oeil aux choses que les églises et les dirigeants devaient faire attention dans un paysage post-pandémique. Je ne suis pas ici pour parler du webinaire …

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