CliffsNotes – January 15, 2019

Strategic Prayer Planning 2019 What’s your plan for prayer this year as a church family? “To pray more” or “To do a 3 week prayer series” or something else? Is the plan for the whole year? Is it inspired by the Holy Spirit? The truth is, if there is no plan then you’ll default to […]

December 18, 2018

PARTNERING & MERRY CHRISTMAS I’ve been outlining weekly initiatives included in the FMCiC’s 3 Year Ministry Plan. Let’s take a holiday from the 3 Year Plan and allow me to tell you a little about two energizing meetings I’ve recently been in… and then wish you Merry Christmas! One week ago Karlene and I met […]

CliffsNotes – December 11, 2018

Every FM local church in Canada is prayerfully asking, “How do I accept responsibility for my community?” Lakeside Community Church sent me this video, and I asked Pastor Ken Dryden (“Yes THE Ken Dryden, but not the hockey player… the FM pastor Ken Dryden”) to tell me more about the initiative. His response is below […]

CliffsNotes – December 4, 2018

FMCiC 3 Year Ministry Plan: Initiatives 4, 5, 6 Every church should be working on, or working with a current ministry plan. These plans should come out of a prayerful discernment process (we recommend the Life Plan tool) which is about listening to God and your local church’s unique calling to accept responsibility for your […]

CliffsNotes – November 27, 2018

What About “Missions” Part 2: The Wrights Last week I sent out the third initiative in our 3 Year Ministry Plan: Intercultural Engagement Team. I mentioned that we are hiring (leaders, we’d love to receive recommendations – click here for the link for the job description). Today I’m very happy to let you know about […]

CliffsNotes – November 20, 2018

FMCiC 3 Year Ministry Plan: A Third Initiative What about “missions”? “Missions” has not been on the “back burner” nor has it been given a lesser priority. This past year we have collected mission endeavours that you are already investing in (prayer, time, finances and with other resources), in fact we are quite active as […]

CliffsNotes – November 13, 2018

FMCiC 3 Year Ministry Plan: A Second Initiative Over the next few weeks I will be introducing you to the new FMCiC 3 Year Ministry Plan. Last week I started with the first initiative (though I did note that the initiatives are not in any particular order): Initiative number one: “how will FMCiC encourage and […]

CliffsNotes – November 6, 2018

FMCiC 3 Year Ministry Plan The first CliffsNotes of 2018 stated that we couldn’t keep doing things the same way and expect different outcomes like conversions, growth in membership, stronger finances, growing mission / outreach “beyond”, and the development of new pastors. Before the end of the year I will send out a “state of […]

CliffsNotes – October 30, 2018

The Reverend Doctor James Pedlar was formally installed as the “Donald N. and Kathleen G. Bastian Chair of Wesley Studies” at Tyndale University College and Seminary, last week. Besides his teaching duties at Tyndale as Associate Professor of Theology, Dr. Pedlar is also an associate pastor at Wesley Chapel FM in Toronto. The Wesley Chair […]